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is game of thrones trying to write out ANOTHER important female character???

damn this show has really gone to shit

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Giveaway time!!
Okay so this seems to be pretty popular and since I have at least duplicate playbills of every show I see I figured I’d give some away!

So here’s the rules.

Must be following me! wheretheginiscold
Must reblog or like this post!
Reblog as many times as you like the winners will be chosen at random!

Okay so here’s how the winners will go
1st place- 3 playbills of choice
2nd place- 2 playbills of choice
Runners up- 1 playbill of choice

I’ll private message the winners!

So here’s what I’ve got:

Chicago the Musical, unsigned (Bebe Neuwirth, Bianca Marroquin, Amra-Faye Wright)
Chicago the Musical, signed (same cast, signed by Bianca and Amra)
Phantom of the Opera, unsigned, rainbow playbill (Sierra Boggess, Norm Lewis)
Cinderella the musical, unsigned (OBC)
Violet, unsigned (OBC)
TOURS-all unsigned
Phantom of the Opera, national tour opening in Providence RI
Phantom of the Opera, Boston MA
Wicked national tour(Gina Beck and Allison Luff)

So remember follow and reblog to win! Winners will be chosen at random when I hit 1,000 followers!

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//hits ask limit even though i didn’t message two of my favorite people

gdi tumblr

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Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers

oh man pressure’s on i have to make myself sound interesting now XD

  1. one of my life goals is to go to a penguin’s game decked out in hippie clothes while wearing a tie-dyed fleury shirt and holding a sign that says “flower power!”
  2. when i was little i was obsessed with barney.  one of my friends had barney at her birthday party, and i wore a purple dress so we would match and i was the only person brave enough to go up and say hi.
  3. i used a harry potter lunchbox for two years in middle school until one of my friends told me it wasn’t cool.  then i begrudgingly switched to a plain blue one.  i wish i could go back and tell twelve-year-old me not to care what my friend said and to keep using it anyway, because soon you’ll be an adult and you’ll wish you still had that lunch box.
  4. i’ve been on three dates, total, my entire life.  two of them i did not realize were dates until the guy told me he liked me - by text - a week later.  i dealt with the situation like an adult.  which means i never texted him back ever again and i stopped going into the starbucks he worked in.  now that’s some real life coffee shop au shit for all of you.
  5. any time i think about work right before i fall asleep, i will without fail have a very awful dream where i have to deal with a customer from hell while trying to ring up at least three different purchases at once.  most of the time these dreams involve me trying to sell the contents of my own bookshelf or the sheets on my bed.  it’s not fun.  last night my dream involved a touch-screen that reset itself every time you covered it with your entire hand and a dance routine from cats.

Minerva McDoneWithYourShit

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sorry I wasn’t ignoring you I was just watching 7 seasons and 32 episodes of this new show I found

I had pain in my path…
Sylvia Plath…